Ultra Pure Water. Zero Maintenance. With or Without Minerals.

Ultra-Pure Water From Any Water Source

The Only Maintenance Free Water Purification Unit

Focusing on providing ultra-pure water on site and on demand from any water source in homes or businesses and armed with the help of a great team, a fully equipped research lab, a handful of trusting investors, a stockpile of components and untold hours of research and testing, we accomplished this mission.

How It Works

Any water source to Pure, Chilled, Distilled Water

wH2Orl’s™ proprietary process incorporates precisely timed valves and sensors that automatically control a sequence of functions providing pure drinking water and automatic self-maintenance functions. Our technology connects to any water source in your home or business to automatically and economically create pure, chilled, distilled water dispensing “on-demand” with a self-maintain schedule to wash the distillation chamber.

The Process

Compact, Self-Contained,Self-Cleaning

  • 1

    Water enters the chamber through microprocessor controlled valves.

  • 2

    The wheel spins the water in the chamber at high velocity.

  • 3

    The heater is turned on. The valve opens and all unwanted vapors above and below the boiling point of pure water is discarded.

  • 4

    The controlled valves open the pure water vapor passage at a precise temperature. Once the pure water vapor temperature is exceeded, the vapor passage closes, the waste is expelled and the cycle repeats.

The wH2Orl™ Difference

Our competitors’ products remove most contaminants from any water source. The number of contaminants they remove depends upon the type of filter you chose. All these filters, however, have a limitation on their usage and eventually need to be replaced. Not only does wH2Orl™ remove 99.9% of all contaminants from any water source, but it also has absolutely nothing to move, fill, change-out, carry or clean, EVER…

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